Sony Gaokasak | Starvision Plus | 2012 | 110 mins | Indonesian with English subtitles | Unclassified All AgesFamily means everything.Angels from Heaven is a story revolved around the life of Laisa. As the eldest of five, Laisa feels a great responsibility toward her family. She would do everything and sacrifice herself for them. Albeit not being blessed with fortune and beauty, Laisa brings changes not only to her own family but also to the whole village. When her younger brother has to get married before her, he feels guilty and decides to help her find a husband. One man after another comes, but it hasn’t come to fruition until Dharma walks into her life. Unfortunately, Dharma is married. However, due to his wife’s infertility, Dharma’s wife lets him find someone that will bear his children. Initially, Laisa feels deceived, but Dharma’s sincerity moves her that she eventually agrees to marry him. On the eve of their wedding, the fate plays with Laisa again; the fact that Dharma’s wife is pregnant ruins the marriage. As if it weren’t enough hard for her, Laisa is diagnosed with a chronic disease. How would Laisa face everything?The Indonesian Film Festival also strongly supports the development of Indonesian Language Education in Australian schools through the Educational Program. This program is specifically dedicated to students learning Bahasa Indonesia. IFF expects to help them both in understanding the culture better and practicing the language they have learned at school. DateTuesday 30 April, 10 AM & Wednesday 1 May, 10 AMVenueACMI CinemasAdmissionStudent/Teacher $10 One teacher admitted free with every 10 students attendingOpen for schools bookings onlyClick Here to Buy Tickets

Angels from Heaven (Bidadari Bidadari Surga)

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