Quick Guide When Buying a Weighted Blanket for the First Time

We feel that you are finally ready to buy your first weighted blanket since you are now showing interest in reading this article. You may have heard about a thing or two about the benefits that weighted blanket offers from some users, but it is way different if you feel and experience it yourself.

Before you start shopping for a weighted blanket, you must acknowledge first the fact that it is more than just thick and heavy. For the person who will be using it, the weight should be specific.

About anywhere from five to twenty pounds is the weight of weighted blankets. In choosing, it is a rule of the thumb that it should be about 10% of your body weight. You can also Google it if you are still unsure about how to calculate the ideal weight. But don’t worry because you will have a list of sizes and weights that you can choose from in most places that sell weighted blankets.

Anyway, once you begin comparing Weighted Blankets & Prices Melbourne, you will have to consider some things, and we explained it below.

The type of fabric and what is used to weigh down the blanket are the main things that only differ between weighted blankets on the market.

Your preference will be the basis when it comes to choosing a fabric. Some blankets are made with soft cotton and others with mink dotted fabric. However, you need to look first at what people say about the fabric when you read the reviews of the blankets. Take note that the type of fabric can either make or break the experience, especially if you are purchasing the blanket for someone with sensory issues.

Moreover, most companies at this point use very safe materials for weighing down the blankets. Sometimes, manufacturers use glass beads, poly-pellets, or steel shot beads. Aside from that, you can also find blankets that use rice or barley to weigh it down.

In shopping for a Weighted Blankets & Prices Melbourne, the last thing to look for is if it is machine washable or not. You may also want to ask the seller if their blankets are washable at home or are necessary to be taken to a dry cleaner since blankets can vary in the fabric and weights they use.

Many research can back up the benefits of weighted blankets. It is found to help in improving sleep, greater focus in the classroom, reduction of self-stimulatory behaviours as well as easing anxiety issues.  More and more people are now using weighted blankets to wind down from typical day-to-day stress and in improving their sleep pattern. That’s why it is no surprise why it has become more popular today.

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