The Benefits of Rendering Your Exterior Walls

You might wonder why your local building inspector is suggesting that you render your property. If you’re not yet familiar with this process, click here to read a comprehensive take on rendering. If you’re aware of what rendering Melbourne is, then you’ll also know that it features several exciting benefits, which we’re going to discuss below.


It Protects and Waterproofs Your Building


The first benefit that we’ll discuss is its ability to add a protective layer that helps your exterior walls withstand the harshest conditions without suffering from wear and tear. So regardless of the status of your existing brickwork, no water or any moisture buildup will be able to penetrate through and weaken the quality of your walls. If you choose our expert rendering services, know that we’re offering a 20-year warranty in several cases on our renders, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your walls are going to be twice as durable and long-lasting.


It Blends New Parts of a Building to an Existing One


Another benefit of rendering Melbourne your walls is that it can be used to blend different types of building materials. For example, let’s say you have an old property that’s built during the 1970s and then decided to get a new extension built on the back of your house. By rendering all your property – both old and new – it will tie your home and make everything look and feel uniform.


It Improves the Look of Your Property


The main difference between newly rendered properties versus older rendered properties is stark. Older properties feature renders that are cracked all over. A new coat of render can give your property a complete facelift, making it look and feel brand new. So, whether your home is built during the 80s or early 2000s, your home will look the same with the use of a render.



It Gets Rid of Pebbledash


Note that this is a subjective one. However, we think pebbledash look a bit old and dated. Proper rendering can go a long way in terms of outperforming old pebbledash, giving a much more modern look to these properties. Check out this site for a more comprehensive take on this topic and get more insight as to what we’re talking about.


Rendering Melbourne is one of the best ways to reinforce the durability, longevity, and attractiveness of your exterior walls. Get your home rendered today! Call our hotline now and hire our professional rendering experts.


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